ESPA 2014-2020

Rental Policy


  1. Speedboats must be returned for your safety at the latest 18:30.
  2. The use of alcohol and toxic substances by the operator of the vessel is prohibited.
  3. The lessee receives the life-saving and fire-fighting equipment, which is in the cabinets of the vessel and assumes all responsibility from the Port Authority.
  4. The lessee is charged for fuel.
  5. The boat must not sail further than 3 nautical miles.
  6. The lessee is liable to the lessor for any material damage to the vessel and is required to govern the vessel in person and assume all the responsibilities for governing the vessel.
  7. You must be over 21 years old to rent a boat.
  8. Rental boats are insured for any third party as well as marine pollution.




On the day the boat is hired, if the wind intensity exceeds 3 Beaufort and the port authorities do not allow it, it will be impossible to rent. Rental will take place the next day as the weather conditions allow.

In the case of non-rental, 60% of the initial rental amount will be returned to the lessee.





Upon arrival at the predefined boarding point you will be required to sign all the necessary documents for the rental of the boat and to arrange for any financial abeyances. Upon receipt, a detailed demonstration of the vessel and equipment is given, and the vessel's declaration of acceptance and a list of its equipment are given for signature. Detailed information on security procedures is also provided


If the lessee is not deemed by the lessor to be able to handle the vessel and the occupants safely, the renter shall be entitled to avoid renting automatically.


Upon receipt of the vessel, the renter will be given the Lease Contract, which you should check and sign. The Lease Contract will present all the services / insurance provided as well as any of the additional services / insurance that the tenant wishes with the corresponding charges.


It is very important upon receipt that the tenant should check the boat and report any damage already existing to it in order to avoid the rental charge from previous rent. The tenant will be required to sign on receipt and return of the vessel a documentary evidence of any damage to the vessel.

The boats are delivered full of fuel and should be returned full. The lessee is charged for the fuel consumed *.

* Depending on the applicable fuel price.





If during the handling of the vessel any damage to the equipment is caused by the lessee, then the lessee will bear the cost of repairing it, while the amount of 50 euros will be charged for the towing operation.

If the boat is out of fuel, the lessee will be charged the cost of the refuelling fuel at an extra charge of 30 euros for their transport.





  1. Check that the boat is not damaged. Inform the company's representative of any damages not mentioned in the rental agreement immediately. Make sure there is a sign on the damage before boarding the boat.
  2. Make sure all the required equipment is included. Check the equipment to make sure you meet the requirements. In case of any problems, please report it to the agent.
  3. Check the route of your trip. Check your equipment to make sure it meets your needs. Should any problems arise please contact the agency to give you some advice.





  1. Check your boat for damage. If there are any damages, please refer them to the agent's representative. Do not hesitate to inquire about any required charges and ask for a written description of these charges.
  2. Make sure the agent's representative has signed the delivery of the boat from you. Ensure that the agent has signed the lease agreement.
  3. Upon return of the vessel, the lessor (AGISTRI BOAT RENTALS) shall not be liable for any loss of personal belongings of the lessor and the persons present on board during their navigation.
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