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Welcome to Agistri Boat Rentals


The love for our place, the sea and nature, coupled with our insistence on offering and exploring new experiences, led us to the creation of "Agistri Boat Rentals".

This is a new concept, which was born and implemented in the field of pleasure boats, which do not require a license. The establishment of the company was in 2018, based on the island of Agistri and the tours that can be made by the customers are as far as the island and the islets around Agistri.

This way of surfing around the islands is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences one can experience with his friends during his holiday in the area. We help our customers to live a unique life experience in places that are not easy to describe but can easily be captured through photos and videos.

Because safety and consistency are not always given, we operate with high standards at all stages of the rental, with a strong sense of responsibility towards the customer, but also with absolute consistency.

Our boats are brand new and equipped with the most modern means. They provide maximum safety, while they stand out from the first look for their comfort and aesthetics.

Our staff always there to serve your every need, experienced, friendly, and cheerful, ensure you a pleasant day cruise, with you in the captain's place.

Live the Experience!


The development of the website was funded by the Action "Promotion of Tourism Media for their modernization and quality upgrading of the services provided". "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPANEK)", ESPA 2014-2020.


Our Boats

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